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Yep, here I am, blogging away. I resisted for a long while, but I eventually caved. It isn’t so much for the “my blog’s better than your blog” thing, although I know that is important for some of the competitive among you, so much as for the creative outlet. I know that some of my friends’ blogs are way more creative than mine, so don’t go there with me!! Just a few short minutes a day and I can express myself creatively, without pulling out the scrapbook stuff or taking an underwater basketweaving class. So this will be an online journal of my life, I guess. Some of it may be stream-of-consciousness, some of it may be serious, some of it funny. I hope you laugh a little, cry a little, and appreciate more of what it means to be a 21st century woman who loves her God, her family, and her friends, yet also gets rackum-frackum ticked off at them sometimes, too! Plus, it is a good waste of time when one is avoiding a certain household job that doesn’t bear mentioning.

Day to Day Graces

Lover of the daily - my life as told in pictures and words. So much around us is missed because we are too blind to see grace in the everyday. “Open my eyes that I may behold wondrous things!” Psalms 119

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