If only I could get something done!!

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Okay, so I took this week off at work to get my house organized. It’s January, right? “Getting organized” is the second resolution most people go for in the New Year. I bet you already know the first one, right? Ding, ding — you guessed it, lose weight! Yeah, whatever. That one is a lost cause for me — although if I do happen to lose 30 pounds this year, you will see LOTS of pictures of me on this blog. No false humility here…

So, here it is, my third day off of work and I have accomplished… Hmm, well, what you see on this blog. The computer is my ADD brain’s downfall. “Let me just check my email. Oh, Old Navy is having a sale — what a great sweater! I wonder if LLBean has any on sale — one perk of the sagging economy, huh? All right, Jennifer, concentrate. Email — yikes – he always forwards me disgusting jokes — delete, delete. Oh, www.couponmom.com has the list out — wonder if I can find some T-bones on sale — no way! It’s always Hamburger Helper. Oh, well, that is all I can cook anyway. Concentrate, girl!” Etc., etc., ad nauseum.

Actually, I did manage to get some pictures put into frames – not on the wall yet, but please!! One thing at a time! Never mind that one picture is of my sweet baby 3.5 years ago. No wonder my scrapbooks are so far behind.

I could get meds, probably, for my ADD but I have chosen to stick it out nonpharmaceutically. Some of us are a walking pharmacy with all of the meds we take. Legal, but excessive. Caffeine to wake up, Ambien to go to sleep, Xenadrine to lose weight, alcohol to relax… I have chosen to live with it – distractable, absent-minded and all. My poor family has to live with it too. Oh, well. I am definitely not the worst ADD’er I have seen. It makes for a creative mind.

One of my favorite jokes is “you know you have ADD when…” fill in the blanks with your own story. You know you have ADD
when you are madly looking for your keys only to find them in the door from yesterday…
when you are organizing your house and it is worse when you finish than when you started.
when you are organizing your house and get distracted with the computer.

Ah, well. One thing about it is that I have developed a positive attitude. Tomorrow is another day!!

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