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Well, it has been about a month now since I last posted. I am quite the undisciplined blogger, but I choose to forgive myself, and hope you will, too.

The very thing I feared has come to pass. Our crazy like a fox president has just smilingly forced through a huge “stimulus” package that will bring us ever closer to looking, acting, smelling like socialist Europe. He has already reversed the “no funds for international abortions” executive order that President Bush signed in, and now he wants to overhaul healthcare. What crazy parallel universe am I living in? No doubt, healthcare spending needs to be reined in, but we are headed for a meltdown. As much as most physicians no doubt care about curing, healing, helping people, they need to pay their bills just like everyone else! They have medical school loans to pay, office staff to give salaries to, ultrasound and Xray machines to pay off, and if you take away their financial incentive to go into the medical profession, they will be dropping like flies! Already many of the OB/GYN’s I work with have beefed up their aesthetics business (although those aren’t doing quite so well in this economy) because they are getting so many delinquent and non-payers, plus paying exorbitant malpractice insurance fees, they are struggling to maintain the same service. I honestly don’t think our president gets it. He just listens to all the bleeding hearts around him and goes along with the “love is all you need” mentality they espouse. Whatever happened to the age-old wisdom of “if you don’t work, you don’t eat” — It’s in Proverbs, dust off your Bible and look it up! We have such an entitlement mentality in this country, it makes me wonder what my children’s America will look like, in 30 years. Not pretty, I am sure.

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