My third boy…

My third boy, Will, is quite the talker. It is kind of cute, but sometimes we just need some peace and quiet. I guess he gets it from my husband, because I have never been a huge talker. Luke, my middle son, who also happens to be my quietest, will cover his ears sometimes and tell me, “Mom, make him be quiet!” Very difficult to do… My husband Mike had an inspiration this weekend while he and my other sons were subjected to this unending commentary by Will on the road. “All right, boys. Let’s play the quiet game! Let’s […]

Not very musical, but I do love music!

All right, so I found out how to post a playlist. Movin’ on up, to the 21st century! Thank you to my music fanatic friend Leslie… As you can probably tell, I love Brad Paisley because he is so “real” and because he is married to the actress in one of my favorite movies “Father of the Bride”. Oh, yeah, plus I like his voice and music. Does he write his own songs? If you know, let me know, ‘kay? I also love Christian music for its inspiration and hope. I do like lots of other music, though. It is […]