Not very musical, but I do love music!

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All right, so I found out how to post a playlist. Movin’ on up, to the 21st century! Thank you to my music fanatic friend Leslie… As you can probably tell, I love Brad Paisley because he is so “real” and because he is married to the actress in one of my favorite movies “Father of the Bride”. Oh, yeah, plus I like his voice and music. Does he write his own songs? If you know, let me know, ‘kay? I also love Christian music for its inspiration and hope. I do like lots of other music, though. It is hard to pick and choose.

I am a schizophrenic music lover. Some days I like country, some days I am all about 80’s music, other days I turn on my favorite classical music and conduct an orchestra. I am enjoying watching my oldest son’s musical tastes evolve – he went from “kiddy” songs, to soda pop oldies like Elvis, now he loves 70’s music (gag!) like Funkytown. I think it is wild that the thing that chills out my 3 boys the most in the car is Swahili-African type music. Maybe because of the rhythm and the fact that they can’t get distracted with knowing what the words are. I hope the words aren’t “I am in love with my sister” or something crazy like that!

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