My third boy…

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My third boy, Will, is quite the talker. It is kind of cute, but sometimes we just need some peace and quiet. I guess he gets it from my husband, because I have never been a huge talker. Luke, my middle son, who also happens to be my quietest, will cover his ears sometimes and tell me, “Mom, make him be quiet!” Very difficult to do…
My husband Mike had an inspiration this weekend while he and my other sons were subjected to this unending commentary by Will on the road. “All right, boys. Let’s play the quiet game! Let’s see if we can be quiet for 5 minutes.” Great idea, Dad. Suddenly, the blissful sounds of silence filled up the van. Mike was really in shock that Will could be quiet for so long. Pretty soon he tilted back the rear view mirror so he could check out Will in his car seat. Lo and behold, Will is animatedly “talking” away, saying who-knew-what to himself, all in perfect silence! Oh, well. I guess his future career of talk-show host will at least keep me in a good nursing home.

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