summer’s resolution

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New Year’s Resolution?! Pph, how boring is that?! It is now time for my yearly summer resolution. “I will not stress over small things. ” Twenty two pairs of socks scattered over my house are small things, arguments over whose turn it is to watch are small things, calling one another birdbrain is a small thing (sorry, sweet husband o’ mine, need to work on my temper!), poking your brother in the ribcage is a small thing, running the dishwasher two times a day is a small thing, running the clothes washer two times a day is a small thing (kidding! It’s just one and a half times a day), making forty nine “snacks” per day is a small thing, using a complete box of bandaids per day is a small thing… What else? Whew, I need a nap!

On the other hand, my mantra this summer is “Celebrate the big things.” An entire game of cards with my twelve year old without any eye-rolling is a big thing, watching my boys happily getting along while making a video with my phone camera is a big thing, having ice cream for breakfast just because we can is a big thing, playing in the sprinkler on the lawn is a big memory-making thing, the boys staying awake ’til all hours talking because the little guy wanted to sleep in his brother’s room is a big thing, the quiet hours while the kids are all reading is a HUGE thing!

Sure, summer can be stressful, but I wouldn’t trade it. So, what is your summer resolution?

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