I admit, I stole this…

There is a reason the “Not Of This World” stickers are popular among Christians, and I believe it applies to the current Israeli situation. Though the entire world may forsake this nation, God is for her, and he has overcome the world, so in a sense, the world is of no matter. For all the ideas, concepts, and accomplishments of mankind throughout the ages, stand as nothing before God who created them, and mankind to come up with them, whether they be peace, war, or natural disaster. God is in control, and we are simply spectators to his plan for […]


What is it about fireworks that so fascinates all of us from 4-94? The “ohs” and “ahs” heard every 4th of July is truly amazing, considering our modern world of HD, 3D, and digital surround sound. As a rule, unfortunately, our country has become increasingly scornful of old traditions – the holidays have become glitzy displays of modernism, beginning so early in the year kids aren’t even trying to “be good for goodness’ sake” yet, beautiful traditions like reciting the pledge of allegiance in school are being argued in front of judges in courts across the land, and even my […]