The view from the top

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An old man had trekked the dangerous trail up Mount Everest many times. In the twilight of his life, before taking one last climb, he was asked yet again, WHY would you continue to risk this again and again? To which he replied, “Obviously you have never seen the view from the top.”

Do we long to see the view from the top? Do we groan along with creation for that great Day of Revelation, when our Bridegroom returns for us? Can we say as Paul did – “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us?”

One of my long-time heroes that I met early in my career lost her husband suddenly this week. I know now is not the time to bring it up,but in spite of the anguish she no doubt is feeling, I am so comforted that she and her boys have the eternal hope – hope that does not disappoint- that can never be taken away, that many poke fun at – they WILl see Bob again, in a much grander reception hall than we could imagine. So is it hokey? That “sweet by and by” kind of comfort? I think Christ-followers are too rarely focused on our blessed hope, our future Wedding Day. Perhaps then we could live with earnest expectation and anticipation and not be sooooo boooored with our present Christian life. We are preparing for our Groom, people!!! Remember what that felt like, as a “fiancé”, to so thrill at the thought of our future nuptials. While we waited there was so much to do, pick out a dress/tux and invitations, order flowers and cake, plan what we would have for the wedding feast, etc, etc. I personally am ready for a little of that crazy, giddy love for my Bridegroom!!

Dedicated to the memory of Bob and to his incredibly blessed family and friends

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