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A friend and I were talking about this topic, recently, as it relates to writing.

There are certain places you feel safe. Telling your hopes, dreams, and fears to friends and family, of course, is the safest. Throwing something superficial up on Instagram can be easy. Until you choose to make it public, you can feel pretty confident that your best buds will love what you write in your personal blog.

What is it about putting things on Facebook that is so scary?

First of all, people on Facebook can be cruel, or in today’s vernacular, “judgy”. Second, everyone you have known since kindergarten may or may not see your words (I personally love the “edit privacy” button for that reason). Third, do you even want to be that transparent on Facebook? Isn’t it made for complaints about work, humble brags about your kids/grandkids, and cat videos?

Now I am beginning this new season of being a “working writer” (thanks, @hope.writers, for that title!) People are going to read my writing critically, make opinions about whether they want to follow, like, or even pay for my words! Yikes. And maybe someone thinks I am writing about them, in the ultimate, gossipy way. I won’t, by the way, use your name, or precisely define you – unless you have been a jerk doctor I have worked with and this is my revenge. Bwahaha!

So, here’s to all of the writers who put their words out there. May the road rise up to meet you, may the publishers always give you a contract, may the readers give you great reviews, your family leave you alone when you’re writing, and, until we meet face-to-face, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

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