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Messages from Home

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Passive-aggressive. Manipulative. God love her, that woman on the Youtube video made me laugh and cringe at the same time. She left a message for her son at school that would make my stubborn son furious. No matter how well it worked on our sweet baby darlings once upon a time, guilting our adult kids into doing something might do more harm than good.

But don’t we all wish we could still convince them our way is the best way? This is my wishful-thinking letter I would send to my son…

Hey, bud. How’s it goin’? Gosh, it’s quiet around here without you! No thumping of music from your room or vague military chatter from your video games. The house is cleaner, too. 😉

Probably not to you, but to me it feels like you’re in kindergarten all over. Ha! It’s tough not to do that mom thing and text you every night, asking, “How did school go? Did you make any new friends? Do you like your teachers?” Once a mom, always a mom, you know.

I suppose it’s silly but I worry about you sometimes. Are you safe as you walk the campus at night? Do you wear both headphones or look at your phone as you cross the street? Do you pay attention to those campus safety texts that warn you of things to be aware of – locking your bike, locking your dorm room, walking with other students, being aware of your surroundings?

I hope you are eating enough. I hope you’re not emotional eating. I hope you’re eating some fruits and vegetables. I hope you’re not drinking. Ugh – please don’t be drinking!

That’s what scares me most of all – that I will get that 2:30 am phone call that something has happened. You took a ride with a drunk friend, you were the drunk friend, your fraternity was hazing you during rush week, your roommate is a crazed lunatic, your girlfriend is pregnant.

So many things for a mom to worry about. Please remember all the lessons we taught you, okay?

Your brothers miss you. You know Luke – we can’t always tell what he’s thinking. Will, though, lives for those afternoon calls to you on his way home from school. Please pick up sometimes, okay?

How is it going with your roommate? Are you guys having a good time? Do you eat in the dining room with him or have you found other friends to eat with? Have you met the others on your floor? Please don’t sit in your room.

Ack! I see that I missed your call! I was in a meeting. I’m sorry that you’re homesick. I’ve heard that the second semester is much easier. We will visit you on Parents’ weekend and then you will be home at Thanksgiving. Hang in there!

I know that school is tough. I remember… It doesn’t seem to matter if my friends had been honor students or C students in high school – everyone had to adjust to the different pace of college classes. Don’t freak out about that grade – your next one will go up. You’ll know better what to expect.

Well, I better close this one up. I need to start dinner. Just wait until you get home – I’m gonna make all your favorites! Call me later and let me know how you’re doing.

I love you so much. Can’t wait to hear from you!



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