What was old is new again!

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It is the season for retro-everything. 80’s music, vinyl records, high-waisted pants…

One thing that has made a comeback -amongst the college crowd, anyway – is games. No, I’m not talking video games. I’m talking honest-to-goodness board games and interact-as-a-family/friend group games! We could get into the psychology of it all, like maybe “kids” just want some IRL (“in real life” in teen/twenty jargon) face-to-face connection. Instead, let’s just move into reviews of some games.

Most of these I’ve played with my own offspring, but there are one or two I haven’t, so we will take my young reviewer friends’ word for it!

Exploding kittens

This is a card game that is like the jack-in-the-box of old. Yikes – I hated that toy! The point is not to get stuck with the exploding kitten card. It is a competitive, fast moving game of no mercy so don’t play this with anyone who takes games personally!

Reverse charades

This is a great game for holiday get-together. This isn’t like the charades of old where one person is “it” and acts out the clue. Instead the group acts out a clue and one person guesses. It definitely adds a whole new dimension of drama to the game. Hopefully you have good “guessers”!

Watch ya mouth

There is more than one game like this, but this is my fave. You put a mouthpiece in that spreads your lips then you and a partner/group try to guess what each other is saying. Capiche? Hours of hilarity – if your mouth can go that long!

Apples to apples

This game has been a favorite with the grandparents, from the time the kids were little. We actually have the Junior game, as some of the clues weren’t very age-appropriate years ago, but it works the same way. Each person gets a stack of cards. The “judge” shows a clue card and the others try to match up one of the cards in their stack to the clue. (Example – “sesame” Clue card: seed, street, nuts, seesaw because it starts with the same letter?) It’s harder than it sounds because you can get some wild cards!’


We only play two levels of this game, which are our favorites. It is a kind of trivia game. The first level is guessing what a word means from the possible definitions. The next level is putting the words in the correct order of number of internet search hits. The third level is – ? I haven’t played in so long I don’t remember! My oldest and I love this one – especially the history cards.


Yahtzee – dice game. Everyone knows this one, right? It doesn’t take up a lot of space to take on vacations, if you want something other than a card game.


This one is appealing for all ages, even though it was created for a younger crew. You put a clue card on your forehead (Via a headband) without peeking and everyone else tries to help you guess the word based on clues. This one can get noisy!

Cranium cadoo

If you have a hyper or ADD family, this one works well to keep everyone engaged and active. Sometimes you are molding things with clay, sometimes you’re racing around the house to find things, and sometimes you are drawing things.


Another oldie but goodie that we have all played, right? Was the murderer Professor Plum in the parlor with a candlestick? You decide, based on “clues” and the process of elimination. This is a great logic game.


Last, but not least, the ultimate card game, meant to be played in a group.You don’t need to know a lot of strategy to play this one, unlike with spades or other traditional card games.

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