These are the good ol’ days

It makes me sad when I hear my friends pine for the good ol’ days of childhood, when you could tell your children what to wear, what to eat, and how to behave on Thanksgiving. Not because I don’t get it – I do – but any day can be the best. We just have to adjust our expectations of what the “best” looks like. One of my favorite memories of my all-but-adult children was on a roadtrip recently, playing “name that tune” of old theme songs from TV shows. I asked one of my boys, “How do you know […]

Anticipation is Keeping me Waiting

Carly Simon’s song “Anticipation” was before my time, but it rings of truth when it comes to the holidays with our older kids.  We have an expectation of how things will go – they will come home with wide open arms like when they were three! They will bask in our presence and eat all their favorite meals at home. They will spend time with their high school friends, sure, but it will be in our kitchen, laughing and cutting up just like the “good ol’ days.”  Oh, boy… The reality may be that — or it may be that […]