Here’s to the First Responders!

Just interrupting my self-imposed break from blogging to give a quick shout-out to the first responders and healthcare personnel everywhere… For the long shift full of sick people when you should be home wrapping presents… For the hastily grabbed “lunch” of Christmas cookies and fudge from the anesthesia team when you need protein to finish this day… For the cheesy hospital Santa picture with your kids because that is all you had time for this year… For the hospital coffee on cold mornings after an early morning emergency run… For the crappy schedule this year – working Christmas Eve AND […]

Cheater, Cheater!

As promised last week, today I am just recycling old Instagram and FB posts from previous years. Remember the old Saturday Night Live piece called “Deep Thoughts”? (Hilarious, and usually by Dana Garvey 😂). That will be some of these – others are truly IMPORTANT. Said with a self-important leer… Anyway, enjoy! The next two weeks, we will be enjoying some much-needed family time (last long holiday before the Oldest is a “working man” and the Middle is off to college!) Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

No More Santa – Yahoo or Boohoo?

Thank the good Lord above my boys weren’t littles when Elf on the Shelf became a thing! I was doing good to get Christmas cards out back then. We had other traditions, though, that were more suitable for younger children.. Cookies for Santa, the Christmas train at the mall, pictures with Santa, and on and on. No wonder we get so tired this time of year… (And no more Christmas cards, except for the folks who don’t get on the “interwebs”!) Now that they are older, there is no way my strapping big fellas will sit on Santa’s lap or […]

What was old is new again!

Yaaassss, bruh! (That’s teen-speak for “I’m so excited about this, my friend!” – but don’t say it around your kids, unless you want the eye-rolling in overdrive) Games are back! In some families they never went away, but even teens enjoy playing them now. I’ve pulled out a few that are fun for the whole family. I haven’t included the hard core strategy games like Risk, because I don’t like them and it’s my blog, so there! Some teens do, though, so consider that a freebie favorite. Exploding kittens Let’s start with the cruelest game first, since it is the […]

Celebrate Good Times

Fifty. Half a century. It’s a big milestone. One I pass this month. The truth is, I feel excited, like I’ve earned my years. And, hopefully, gained some wisdom along the way. Have you met people who are older but not wiser? I have — and I decided long ago not to follow that path. So I am taking a break from the topic of parenting adult children to visit the topic of being one — an adult, I mean. Sure, I’ve made some boneheaded, immature decisions. Those closest to me know that I’ve behaved like a spoiled toddler on […]