Navigating New Pathways

Sometimes we have to evaluate where we are and forge new roads. Starting over may not be necessary, but just making some adjustments may be helpful. Last week I told y’all about my dislike of New Year Resolutions. So I’m not going to now give you some to follow. It is a good idea, as the Parent of Adult Children (PAC), though, to start parenting intentionally, as our children grow into adults. One of my favorite parenting lessons, by Bob Hostetler of Focus on the Family, was when my oldest was going into junior high. He discussed how parenting can […]

What's your word for the New Year?

Back before it was “cool”, my pastor discussed choosing a word to focus on each year, rather than New Years’ resolutions. Because I am terrible at keeping resolutions, I decided on Brave for that year. It was an appropriate one for that season.  My oldest was heading away to college, my middle was heading into high school, and we were changing schools after thirteen years in one place.  I’ve mentioned before that that was the year that I took a photography class online and a writing class nearby. I rocked it!  The next year’s was Intentional.  Yeah, that one didn’t […]