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Okay, my lovely parents of “older kids”… Send me all the tips about:

1) entertaining them (when they want it)

2) keeping them inside (when they don’t want it)

3) getting them to help around the house so you aren’t the only one with the laundry, cooking, sanitizing, etc.

I will go first.

1) Games. Not everyone in our house is into board games, but this was a hit! You are given clues to help solve a mystery, as though you are a detective. Newspaper clippings, autopsy reports, etc. We all went through it and came up with our own ideas, then checked it against the solution online.

2) Chores. They really feel out of control, so give them some control over this. Play to their strengths – is one super-organized? They can help you make a meal plan or get the mail each day and sort it, or clean out a closet. Does one like to cook? Have them make a meal or two each week.

Cheesecake made by my middle – yum!

3) Movie night. Honestly, this one is harder at our house. It’s feels too much like FFT – forced family time. Do your best – popcorn, movie candy, letting them choose. There are so many streaming services that are giving free trials right now.

4) Set up a room like a workout room, with whatever in-home equipment you have. Hand weights, yoga mat, treadmill, whatever. If there’s no extra space, set it up in the garage or even a low-traffic part of a hallway. (And you use it too!)

5). Encourage “normal” as much as possible. Most colleges and many high schools are setting up online learning classes. If they go to youth groups, email their small group leaders and ask if they mind conducting them over Zoom. Watch your church services online on Sunday.

Well, those are my ideas. Let me know yours!

Honestly, some days are hard. I mentioned that last week. This week I was honest with them – “I’m overwhelmed emotionally and physically, and I need your help. I’m lonely and frustrated with being stuck indoors and I need more from you than grunts.”

Whether it was that, or the fact that they are also feeling those things, this week has been better. I hope you are finding ways to adapt, as well.

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