Sidewalk chalk and Stain-Glassed Windows

Remember the days we nagged and ordered and pleaded for our kids to get off their devices and be creative, or go outside, or just do something else! Experts have told us that it is good for our kids to be bored, so they can learn to amuse themselves and so that their creativity can be whetted. Now they have all the time in the world and the world as they (and we) know it has changed. What a blessing in disguise! (Full disclosure: my youngest is still on his device way too much, but the “no electronics until you […]

Summertime, Covid-style!

(I hear MC Hammer singing that title, don’t you?!) Well, here we are – longest day of the year, true beginning of summer. It feels a bit flat around here. No vacation, many things are closed or restricted. I’m trying not to be bummed out, but some days it hits me. And our teens are especially prone to moan “I’m bored!” So let’s make plans for our stay-cation, shall we? Yes, I know the whole spring felt like a staycation, but work with me, people! Choose a few from below and do one or two or three each day. Some […]

We can do better

Last week I had a post ready to send out on Friday. Then the case of George Floyd being killed by some Minneapolis police officers took the world by storm instead. So I was quiet, listening, learning, like many of the rest of us. The truth is, it is hard for a white woman like me to know what to say in such circumstances.  “I’m sorry” seems too small. “I understand” is tone deaf – I can’t understand what his mother, his daughter, his friends, or his community feels like because I don’t have the same experiences. So I said […]