Sanctity of Human Life Day

It’s been forty-seven years since Roe v. Wade cleared the Supreme Court. Today is the day set aside to honor those babies whose lives have been lost since then. The following is an article I wrote several years ago for an ezine “For the Unborn.” “She’s beautiful.” My heartbroken patient gently caressed her stillborn daughter’s face. When her husband began weeping, I had to turn away, making a pretense of getting caught up on my paperwork as I blinked away tears of my own. As a labor and delivery nurse I usually deal with joyous families, welcoming their new little […]

Navigating New Pathways

Sometimes we have to evaluate where we are and forge new roads. Starting over may not be necessary, but just making some adjustments may be helpful. Last week I told y’all about my dislike of New Year Resolutions. So I’m not going to now give you some to follow. It is a good idea, as the Parent of Adult Children (PAC), though, to start parenting intentionally, as our children grow into adults. One of my favorite parenting lessons, by Bob Hostetler of Focus on the Family, was when my oldest was going into junior high. He discussed how parenting can […]

What’s your word for the New Year?

Back before it was “cool”, my pastor discussed choosing a word to focus on each year, rather than New Years’ resolutions. Because I am terrible at keeping resolutions, I decided on Brave for that year. It was an appropriate one for that season.  My oldest was heading away to college, my middle was heading into high school, and we were changing schools after thirteen years in one place.  I’ve mentioned before that that was the year that I took a photography class online and a writing class nearby. I rocked it!  The next year’s was Intentional.  Yeah, that one didn’t […]

Here’s to the First Responders!

Just interrupting my self-imposed break from blogging to give a quick shout-out to the first responders and healthcare personnel everywhere… For the long shift full of sick people when you should be home wrapping presents… For the hastily grabbed “lunch” of Christmas cookies and fudge from the anesthesia team when you need protein to finish this day… For the cheesy hospital Santa picture with your kids because that is all you had time for this year… For the hospital coffee on cold mornings after an early morning emergency run… For the crappy schedule this year – working Christmas Eve AND […]

Cheater, Cheater!

As promised last week, today I am just recycling old Instagram and FB posts from previous years. Remember the old Saturday Night Live piece called “Deep Thoughts”? (Hilarious, and usually by Dana Garvey 😂). That will be some of these – others are truly IMPORTANT. Said with a self-important leer… Anyway, enjoy! The next two weeks, we will be enjoying some much-needed family time (last long holiday before the Oldest is a “working man” and the Middle is off to college!) Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!