From teens to flown…

Mesh bags– Who knew these little jewels could save so much time doing laundry?Buy them in packs of 5 on Amazon and use one for delicates that are machine washable (bras, other lacy things), one for socks (hello, no more missing socks!), a large one for tennis shoes, another for the smelly unmentionables like sports bras and jock straps. Ew…

Use grocery pick-up or delivery service for days when you simply don’t have time to go to the store! Walmart has the pick-up for free! Other stores such as Kroger may charge a small fee.

Command hooks – so many uses! Wet towels, gym bags, purses, basket holding hair accessories, etc.

Whether your child is two months or seventeen, routines make everyone function better. Morning routine, evening routine, home-from-school routine. My oldest knew to toss his shoes in the basket when we entered the house at our old place. Once we moved he got out of the routine. I regret not enforcing it again.

Minimalism isn’t a new concept – we just think it started with Marie Kondo! Our grandmothers knew the value of small closets and rooms and not buying more than they needed. Ask grandparents for the gift of experiences, or college money, or maybe one large gift like a new phone that you can’t afford. You will thank me when you have less stuff to pick up each night! !

Do a load of laundry every day but Sunday. Sunday is to recharge. Even better, teach them to take care of their own laundry! Thirteen year olds can be taught how to sort, run, fold, and put away laundry.

Invest in or ask for a robotic vacuum as a gift. (I know, boring, but it will be worth it!) Just schedule it to go off each week at a time you know you will be gone. Voila! Lovely clean carpets when you come home. My sister-in-law told me recently that there are some for hard wood and tile floors now, too. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

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