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Some things we celebrate are big – some are small. Tonight I celebrated being able to import and “split” my manuscript in Scrivener, a writing software I have been struggling to learn how to use. Yay, me!

My mama, a former preacher’s wife, has always been great at celebrations. She could whip up a meal for 25 in no time. In the pre-Pinterest days, she would pull out all the stops for our birthdays, making our cakes, sewing our clothes, and in general, showering us with love.

I’m no domestic goddess like her. I do love to celebrate my people, though. When my now-big boys were little, I would buy a sheet cake from the bakery and add my own décor. Trucks. Elmo. I have even made a Google maps cake for my youngest, who loves travel and wants to visit every country in the world.

It kills me when my teens aren’t interested in making big deals out of things. Who are these people?! Holidays are boring when no one gets over-the-top excited. My husband is worse than my kids. I shoulda married Clark Griswold…

I love that God is big on parties. There were seven harvest festivals in the Old Testament. Jesus’ first miracle was at a wedding – and He turned WATER into WINE! Now, on this side of the cross, we have the Nativity, Easter, Pentecost. Great reasons to dance!

Although we will have the ultimate hoedown in heaven, the only celebration left over from earth’n days (like old’n days, but different) will be the Eucharist, or Lord’s Supper, as us Baptists call it.

Hmmm, interesting choice for auld lang syne. We are celebrating His death, the Lamb of God being slaughtered for our sake. And yet, there wouldn’t be a heaven without it.

Just think-we will marvel forever at the scars on Jesus’ hands and feet. We will get emotional for all eternity over His sacrifice for us. It will never grow old. It shouldn’t ever grow old! Glory to His name!

What are your favorite holiday traditions? Do you go big for the “small” holidays – April Fools’ or St. Patrick’s day? National Donut Day? I’d love to hear, to get some new ideas. Ha!

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