Here we go again

This time he is heading to a house with four housemates. More stuff. I’m a bit less sad than last year. I know he will survive and thrive. I watched him be responsible last year. Plus, it is the full college experience now. No covid mess! But it is still hard. Because I know it isn’t ever the same. Not really. He changes. We adapt. He “visits” home – on holidays and summers. When he’s home, he misses school. Ouch. Does he miss home when he’s at school? Doubtful. He’s having too much fun. But neither did I. That’s life. […]

Anticipatory Grief

The hardest thingabout this next year will beknowing this is the last.The last time I will force himto take a first day of schoolpicture. The last homecoming.The last band concert. Thelast – everything.” A friend of mine said this after I congratulatedher on having a senior thisupcoming year. As I have been through thistwice, I knew what she meant. My 2020 graduate didn’t even get to have all the “lasts”! Anticipatory grief is a hard thing.Knowing you arewalking through things forthe last time seems to makethe sorrow even deeper. I remember my oldestson catching me crying one day his senior […]

Strength for the Hard Days

We are in the throes of missing our college boy around here. He plans on coming home for his birthday. Last night my husband looked at the calendar and said, “Three more weeks?! That’s so long!” This is typically the time when the parents of the newly-flown struggle. Their kids are settling into their new environment. They don’t call and only text if they want money! They may not answer our calls or texts. (Which does nothing for our overactive anxiety.) And if your child is in boot camp, you may not even be allowed to call! Even now, the […]

How I Survived My Son’s First Year Away From Home – Without Annoying My Friends

Sending my eldest off to college was hard, I’m not gonna lie. I dreaded it his whole senior year and had all the usual angst-filled thoughts (“this is his last…”,”we won’t do this as a whole family ever again”, “he won’t be here for this next year” ). The whole time I was trying not to be a drama queen in front of my friends who weren’t there yet, or who had already survived. No one likes the obsessive droanings of a first-time parent or a new college student’s parent! Right? Looking back, I did make a nuisance of myself […]

That time of year

Because I’m taking my son to school this weekend, I’m rerunning this post from a year ago – it is still true, especially this crazy year! Enjoy, and I will see you again next week. There’s a unique melancholy for the parents of an almost-grown child at back-to-school time. Those ungrateful teens have no sympathy for our desire to help! They want to go get their own clothes and office supplies. No longer do they smile cheesily for the first day of school picture — you’re fortunate to get a forced grin. They may sneak out just to avoid it, […]