Not very musical, but I do love music!

All right, so I found out how to post a playlist. Movin’ on up, to the 21st century! Thank you to my music fanatic friend Leslie… As you can probably tell, I love Brad Paisley because he is so “real” and because he is married to the actress in one of my favorite movies “Father of the Bride”. Oh, yeah, plus I like his voice and music. Does he write his own songs? If you know, let me know, ‘kay? I also love Christian music for its inspiration and hope. I do like lots of other music, though. It is […]

Catchin’ up…

Well, it has been about a month now since I last posted. I am quite the undisciplined blogger, but I choose to forgive myself, and hope you will, too. The very thing I feared has come to pass. Our crazy like a fox president has just smilingly forced through a huge “stimulus” package that will bring us ever closer to looking, acting, smelling like socialist Europe. He has already reversed the “no funds for international abortions” executive order that President Bush signed in, and now he wants to overhaul healthcare. What crazy parallel universe am I living in? No doubt, […]

Top things to never do/say to your labor and delivery nurse…

Hey, I have my very detailed birthing plan here. (You are so asking for trouble on this one — it is Murphy’s Law that you will end up with an emergency c/section at three o’clock in the morning, or you will suddenly find yourself humiliated as, at 1 cm dilated, you turn into a raving lunatic who is screaming for her epidural — trust me on this, I have seen it way too many times. Just let things flow naturally and be open to what comes.) Can I have my mom, my mother-in-law, my two sisters, my best friend and […]

If only I could get something done!!

Okay, so I took this week off at work to get my house organized. It’s January, right? “Getting organized” is the second resolution most people go for in the New Year. I bet you already know the first one, right? Ding, ding — you guessed it, lose weight! Yeah, whatever. That one is a lost cause for me — although if I do happen to lose 30 pounds this year, you will see LOTS of pictures of me on this blog. No false humility here… So, here it is, my third day off of work and I have accomplished… Hmm, […]

So you can get a peek into our sophisticated life…

Yep, here I am, blogging away. I resisted for a long while, but I eventually caved. It isn’t so much for the “my blog’s better than your blog” thing, although I know that is important for some of the competitive among you, so much as for the creative outlet. I know that some of my friends’ blogs are way more creative than mine, so don’t go there with me!! Just a few short minutes a day and I can express myself creatively, without pulling out the scrapbook stuff or taking an underwater basketweaving class. So this will be an online […]