Hanging in there – barely

You may get a different experience as I vent about “quaranteeninig” right now. I love my big boys, but I really wish I had a couple of little ones to build a blanket fort with or do art projects with. Teens/Twenties aren’t really so interested. They just wanna Snapchat or tiktok or play video games. And they are messy, all while I KNOW they are fully capable of cleaning up after themselves! So —- I know I have a bad attitude. No need to send me cheer up messages or remind me that it’s all gonna be okay. Heck, three […]

Going Through the Steps

Taking a departure from my usual teens/twenties post to discuss the anxiety many of us are feeling… No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear.C.S. Lewis The whole nation — the whole world! — is going through something it hasn’t felt on such a large scale in a long time. A mass period of fear, uncertainty, and grief. It feels a bit like World War Three, except we are fighting a disease this time. There have been other times like this — the polio epidemic, Black Death, large scale flu outbreaks – but not in our children’s […]

Now what?

Good crazy Monday morning to you!  Who knew a week ago that today would look like this? My planned blog post for Friday had to be put on hold because — COVID19. It was going to be all about senioritis, which was beginning to hit hard at our house. However, we are wishing for senioritis around here now! The truth is, this enforced quarantine that most of us are experiencing is especially hard for seniors this year. And not just senior citizens! (Although that, of course, is true.) Suddenly, end of the year celebrations are put on hold, the moments […]

More than Fireworks

February was a rough month at our house. Illness and increased work stress brought normal functioning to a stand-still as we just battled to keep our heads above water. So, Love Month blog posts were put on hold. I’m playing catch-up with this . I don’t want to let this one pass – it’s one of the few where I mention my man, since we mostly discuss our Big Kids on here. Isn’t he cute? (See below) Of course, we were both young and cute here – who isn’t in their early twenties?! “Know your man. Know him almost as […]

The Four Loves

The Four Loves

The silver threads glint more prominently amongst the gold now.  The lines on her cheeks and across her forehead are deeper. Her steps are slower. She bends over her work, meticulous in her feathering of flower petals on the page.  She’s taken up painting, and I love watching this passion of my mama’s unfold. Our relationship has made many changes through the years, as it should, but this latest is the hardest, and the easiest.  C.S. Lewis wrote of these differences in our love for one another in his book, The Four Loves.  He wasn’t the originator of these concepts, but […]