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Summertime, Covid-style!

Summertime, Covid-style!

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(I hear MC Hammer singing that title, don’t you?!)

Well, here we are – longest day of the year, true beginning of summer. It feels a bit flat around here. No vacation, many things are closed or restricted. I’m trying not to be bummed out, but some days it hits me. And our teens

are especially prone to moan “I’m bored!”

So let’s make plans for our stay-cation, shall we? Yes, I know the whole spring felt like a staycation, but work with me, people!

Choose a few from below and do one or two or three each day. Some will depend on how “open for business” your area is.

(There’s a sentence I never thought I’d write!)

**Make sure to keep your distance from folks and wear a mask indoors as needed! **

No extra people (unless you want ‘em) or open businesses required







Make a time- capsule

Movie night


Make popsicles

Watch the sunset/sunrise

Make pizza

DIY spa day

Learn sign language

Paddle board

Make your own ice cream

Learn an instrument

Fruit picking

Ride bikes

Extra people Required

BoardGame night

Water gun /nerf gun fight

Lip sync contest

Host a dinner party

Play tennis


Host a progressive brunch, using driveways


Ride on a boat

Play team sports

Start a book club – could be online!

Requires open businesses

Go antiquing/thrifting

Walk downtown

Mini golf

Farmers market

Visit a splash pad

Visit a museum

Food trucks


Trampoline park

Rent a convertible

Find a drive in movie theater

Ride horses

Go to a farmers market

Go to an outdoor music fest

Visit a water park

Revisit their childhoods

Lemonade stand

Jump rope

Water balloon fight

Play at the arcade

Run through sprinklers

Play hide-n-seek

Have a talent show

Make tie-dyed shirts

Have a scavenger hunt

Have a pillow fight

Hula hoop

Feed the ducks

Be Productive/Charitable

Sell some stuff on eBay or facebook

Become delivery person

Write an ebook

Babysit for someone

Offer to do chores for the elderly

Write a distant relative – a real letter! With stationery!

Plan your next vacation

Register to vote

Wash the car

Get a job, if possible – it’s a tough market out there!

Have a great summer and stay safe!

**During the summer, I will be posting every two to three weeks, so I can hang out with my teens/twenties (if they’ll let me!😉)

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