Sidewalk chalk and Stain-Glassed Windows

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Remember the days we nagged and ordered and pleaded for our kids to get off their devices and be creative, or go outside, or just do something else! Experts have told us that it is good for our kids to be bored, so they can learn to amuse themselves and so that their creativity can be whetted.

Now they have all the time in the world and the world as they (and we) know it has changed. What a blessing in disguise! (Full disclosure: my youngest is still on his device way too much, but the “no electronics until you get some exercise” seems to be working, after several weeks of being lax about it.)

I thought this week I would highlight some of the creativity in art, music, and even cooking I have seen in our kids – from young to adult. Share it with your kids and maybe they will be inspired.

I love this bench made from an old Chevy tailgate!
This refurbished dresser gives me great ideas for my old one.
Wow! Look what this young man did, just messing around with clay!
Here is my middle son, making grilled chicken for his lunch. I’ve already shared his cheesecake “masterpiece.”
The room makeovers make me smile – this young lady transformed her ceiling fan!
This creative girl’s mama let me share her painting skills. Pretty incredible, Kelly!
So sweet… Maybe needlework will make a comeback?

My oldest adjusted a shelf to work as his “desk” while he is home and doesn’t have access to the one he uses at college.

@averyellismusic, a talented young woman at my son’s school, has been creating music for awhile, but I love this song she shared while sheltered in place!

I would love to see your teen/twenty-something’s creations in the comments!

Disclaimer: I know that not all of us in the world are having such a relatively pain-free existence right now. Some kids are hungry and some are being abused. Many don’t have formal schooling of any kind going on and their parents are working and can’t help out with this. Along with our prayers, we need to be hypervigilent and proactive in getting them the help they may need. Please check the links below (in the United States) to assist in any way you can.

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