Here we go again

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This time he is heading to a house with four housemates. More stuff.

I’m a bit less sad than last year. I know he will survive and thrive. I watched him be responsible last year.

Plus, it is the full college experience now. No covid mess!

But it is still hard.

Because I know it isn’t ever the same. Not really. He changes. We adapt. He “visits” home – on holidays and summers.

When he’s home, he misses school. Ouch.

Does he miss home when he’s at school? Doubtful. He’s having too much fun.

But neither did I.

That’s life.

So I hug him on his way. I hug my last-at-home tighter, knowing it will soon be his turn.

And I wave my boy off with a smile. No tears. At least, not now.

It’s his time to shine.

Adios, mi hijo!

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