Peanut butter crackers and TV dinners

We raced into the cold sterility and blinking-bright lights of the OR, bumping into the steel bedframe of the bed in our haste to deliver this baby as quick as possible. Soon the beep-beep of mom’s heartbeat on the anesthetist’s machine was countered by the low, slow bum-bum-bum on the ultrasound, sounds of a baby’s heart in distress. Our voices were quiet, but urgent. “FHT’s 80s, catheter in, prep done, Dr. Simon is on his way, right?” Hurry, hurry, hurry was the one constant running through our minds as the OR team quickly went about this business of preparing for […]

Ugly Cries and Hysterical Laughter

Good Good Friday morning, friends! I hope it is as beautiful where you are as where I am. I also hope you are able to get out – I know some places are stricter about the shelter-in-place rules than Texas is. Yesterday was an exhausting day for me. As parents, we like to keep it all together and carry on for our kids’ sake. Even if they are all teens and up! However, scientists and psychiatrists have long known that carrying around a lot of stress and excess emotion has consequences beyond our brains and into our bodies. Yet, when […]

Tips and tricks needed

Okay, my lovely parents of “older kids”… Send me all the tips about: 1) entertaining them (when they want it) 2) keeping them inside (when they don’t want it) 3) getting them to help around the house so you aren’t the only one with the laundry, cooking, sanitizing, etc. I will go first. 1) Games. Not everyone in our house is into board games, but this was a hit! You are given clues to help solve a mystery, as though you are a detective. Newspaper clippings, autopsy reports, etc. We all went through it and came up with our own […]

Hanging in there – barely

You may get a different experience as I vent about “quaranteeninig” right now. I love my big boys, but I really wish I had a couple of little ones to build a blanket fort with or do art projects with. Teens/Twenties aren’t really so interested. They just wanna Snapchat or tiktok or play video games. And they are messy, all while I KNOW they are fully capable of cleaning up after themselves! So —- I know I have a bad attitude. No need to send me cheer up messages or remind me that it’s all gonna be okay. Heck, three […]

Going Through the Steps

Taking a departure from my usual teens/twenties post to discuss the anxiety many of us are feeling… No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear.C.S. Lewis The whole nation — the whole world! — is going through something it hasn’t felt on such a large scale in a long time. A mass period of fear, uncertainty, and grief. It feels a bit like World War Three, except we are fighting a disease this time. There have been other times like this — the polio epidemic, Black Death, large scale flu outbreaks – but not in our children’s […]