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Cheater, Cheater!

Cheater, Cheater!

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As promised last week, today I am just recycling old Instagram and FB posts from previous years.

Remember the old Saturday Night Live piece called “Deep Thoughts”? (Hilarious, and usually by Dana Garvey 😂). That will be some of these – others are truly IMPORTANT. Said with a self-important leer…

Anyway, enjoy!

One of my favorite FB Christmas posts ever – we tend to put our best selves forward on social media. This was just a bit of transparency. My filthy kitchen (for most of the month of December), my Christmas Eve wrapping job wherein I pieced together some scraps of wrapping paper left over, our half-lit tree, and catching LUKE at the perfect moment when hot wax burned him at the Christmas Eve service! Ah, those were the days…
Such a great day!

Last, but not least, my little guys decorating a gingerbread house with mom, Grammy, and Aunt “Backy”.

The next two weeks, we will be enjoying some much-needed family time (last long holiday before the Oldest is a “working man” and the Middle is off to college!) Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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