August – you conflict me!

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I’m sure that I’m not using my title grammatically. But you get the sentiment…

August, to me, is full of conflicting emotions. I hate the heat of a Texas August, but I’m not quite ready for the summer to end.

I love the start of a new “academic calendar”fresh feeling, but not the sending-my-boys-back -to-school part.

I’m glad we had a relaxing summer, but I wish we had gotten more done.

You see what I mean?

I think life with older teens is like that, as well.

I love watching my sons thrive and move into their purpose, but it is hard to watch them drive away – over and over, each way-too-short break.

Seeing them learn to drive is fun (not the actual in-the-car part!) but it is also scary. We know the things that can happen on the road and we know the wrong choices that can come up at the end of that drive.

Navigating new experiences like love interests and new hobbies and learning to adult makes me smile, but it is hard to watch if things don’t go well.

My friend Jesus and I have lots of quick conversations in August.

– keep them safe, Lord

– take any negative influence friends from their path and bring in godly, uplifting ones, God

– Lord, help him to focus and have good recall for that class, please

– Jesus, my worry over that relationship is not of You. Please give me peace and trust.

– Help!

Giving my children to God will be a lifelong endeavor, I know. My mom and dad still do it for me! Every day I need to start over, trusting Him with them.

Happy August, parents! May Jesus multiply your joys and subtract your worries.

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