What was old is new again!

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Yaaassss, bruh! (That’s teen-speak for “I’m so excited about this, my friend!” – but don’t say it around your kids, unless you want the eye-rolling in overdrive)

Games are back! In some families they never went away, but even teens enjoy playing them now. I’ve pulled out a few that are fun for the whole family. I haven’t included the hard core strategy games like Risk, because I don’t like them and it’s my blog, so there! Some teens do, though, so consider that a freebie favorite.

Exploding kittens

Let’s start with the cruelest game first, since it is the month of Halloween. Bwahaha! This is a card game of Russian roulette – if you draw the exploding kitten, you’re done. Unless you have a defuse card. Or… Well, play it and see! Last person standing wins!

Reverse charades

Want a fun party game appropriate for ages 8-80? This one fits the bill. In regular charades, one person acts out the clue while the group guesses, right? In this game, there’s a designated guesser and the group acts out clues, all within a certain time-limit. It works because surely there is at least one good actor in the group!

Watch ya mouth

With the holidays approaching, we all need a game that will be silly and keep us away from the dangerous minefields of politics and life choices! Using a mouth appliance that distorts speech (and face!), the person in the hot seat tries to get the game partner to guess what he or she is saying. Keep your tissues handy – not for tears of sadness, but laughter!

Apples to apples

This game has been around awhile, so I call it an oldie but a goodie.




Cranium cadoo



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