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Ratty dandelion flowers to Fragrant white lilies

Ratty dandelion flowers to Fragrant white lilies

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I’m feeling nostalgic these days for my little fellas – two Class of 2020 graduates this year brings it out in me. Missing the days of ratty dandelion flowers offered up in chubby fingers and afternoons of splashing in every single mud puddle…

To my moms of tiny men, do you sometimes wonder who they will be as they grow? Do you wonder if they will ever quit burping (they don’t) or start picking their clothes up? (maybe). Here’s a quick roundup of all things almost-full-grown-male.

Stinky clothes and shoes — sports uniform, band outfit, Sunday-best — always stinky!

Axe/Old Spice spray (to cover the smell?) Phew!

The fragrant white lilies you love when you least expect it.

Deep voice on the phone – who’s that??

Raised voices while gaming – angry shouts, then hysterical laughter – all within a few minutes

Vulnerable, late-night confessions when you least expect it.

Left-over frozen pizza boxes on kitchen counters in the morning

Man-boys sprawled all over the couch and chairs.

Dumb jokes.

Inside jokes.

Friendships that make you cry when you least expect it.

Looong showers

Car keys

Car insurance

Car wrecks.

Loooong hugs when you least expect it

Faith, doubts, faith again — or not…

Questionable choices

Risky behavior

Words of wisdom when you least expect it

Broken hearts

Girlfriends you don’t like

Girlfriends you wish they would marry (act like you love them all!)

Friends who turn into girlfriends when you (and they!) least expect it.

Zeros on too many assignments (“I forgot!”)

SAT tests

ACT tests

GRE tests

All A’s when you least expect it


Still always hungry – forever and ever, amen.

Scruffy beards, because they can.

Clothes and fishing gear and school assignments and dirty cups everywhere!

Spotless rooms when you least expect it.

Closed doors.

Slammed doors.

Punched-in doors.

Open doors when you least expect it.






Star Wars


And yes, still Legos and Nerf guns, when they are in the mood.

FaceTime to “catch up” when you least expect it.




See you later.

I miss you.

No communication for weeks.

Rambling texts late at night full of news and anxiety and excitement when you least expect it.

No longer little, but always your little boy.

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