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You may get a different experience as I vent about “quaranteeninig” right now. I love my big boys, but I really wish I had a couple of little ones to build a blanket fort with or do art projects with. Teens/Twenties aren’t really so interested. They just wanna Snapchat or tiktok or play video games. And they are messy, all while I KNOW they are fully capable of cleaning up after themselves! So —- I know I have a bad attitude. No need to send me cheer up messages or remind me that it’s all gonna be okay. Heck, three hours from now may be completely different. Emotions are fickle things. But, in the words of Kelley Lovelace, sung by Terri Clark, I just wanna be mad for a little while.

You are gonna have to forgive me if I ramble a bit today. I’ve been doing pretty good with the whole shelter-in-place thing we have going on around here, until yesterday. Now I feel that jittery, anxious, irritated feeling that I get when I either need some girl-time (I’m surrounded by boys!), some retail therapy, or some nature therapy.

Hunkering down with 4 creatures of the male persuasion is not fun. Not that I think females would be much better (hormones!)but at least someone would TALK! And make cookies. Or something…

Yep – feeling that self-pity today. Can anyone relate? If you feel like joining, come on in and let’s moan. If you feel like cheering me up, just. Don’t.

I did get a walk in this morning. It didn’t last long because it started to rain. Tired of rain!

I made breakfast burritos that 2 out of four of them ate. Then they made frozen pizza – really?!

I logged onto my library ebook site. It said “Error. Please contact the library.” Are you kidding me?! The library is closed for the next few weeks!

Nothing looks good on Netflix or Prime or my British TV streaming channels. (We don’t have dish or cable around here. Yep, we’re cheap.)

Sitting here in a dark bedroom feeling sorry for myself. Aren’t I pitiful?

I could make brownies or sit down with a half gallon of Blue Bell ice cream but I know, even in my bored/frustrated/irritated mind that would really just make me feel worse, in the long run.

Wait. Rewind. Back up. Reread.

Good golly, Miss Molly! Such a bunch of pitiful third world problems I have!

Over-abundance of food. Four healthy family members all here under my roof. A pretty, if rainy spring day. Books in my shelves I’ve been meaning to read…

Ah, and the sun is coming out! Okay, I’m better. Love y’all! Stay healthy – six feet apart! At least it’s not six feet under!

Beautiful reflections in the sunshine after the rain

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