That time of year

Because I’m taking my son to school this weekend, I’m rerunning this post from a year ago – it is still true, especially this crazy year! Enjoy, and I will see you again next week. There’s a unique melancholy for the parents of an almost-grown child at back-to-school time. Those ungrateful teens have no sympathy for our desire to help! They want to go get their own clothes and office supplies. No longer do they smile cheesily for the first day of school picture — you’re fortunate to get a forced grin. They may sneak out just to avoid it, […]

Wisdom from a college advisor

What if you had the advice of a proven expert to help your child navigate through the exciting but intense years of college? Well, you do! The advisors on college campuses across the country are paid to do just that. Today I have a guest blog from a smart, straight-talking college advisor, Priscilla Beth Baker. She has “gone viral” for her views on a post on Facebook. Most people loved it, but a few were unhappy with her advice. Which proves the point she was trying to make! When the kids enter college, it is time to let them learn, […]

Messages from Home

Passive-aggressive. Manipulative. God love her, that woman on the Youtube video made me laugh and cringe at the same time. She left a message for her son at school that would make my stubborn son furious. No matter how well it worked on our sweet baby darlings once upon a time, guilting our adult kids into doing something might do more harm than good. But don’t we all wish we could still convince them our way is the best way? This is my wishful-thinking letter I would send to my son… Hey, bud. How’s it goin’? Gosh, it’s quiet around […]