Twenty Vintage Skills To Teach Your Teens

Twenty Vintage Skills To Teach Your Teens

“Oh, wow, look at this one.” Sometimes my husband will show me the envelopes that have come through his office. (I know, exciting life we lead!) His business serves many young people, due to the nature of his work. He will mark through the names so I can chuckle with him over the things these young adults write. Penmanship is not emphasized in many classrooms anymore, it appears. Often it looks like an elementary child has addressed them! Also, it’s amazing that they have reached him at all – the stamp is in the wrong spot or the return and […]

Mom Guilt Not Required

I had a bad mom day last week. Have you ever had one of those or is it just me? I was tired and, out of my weariness, I was sarcastic to my twenty-something. Not in a funny sarcastic way but in a “getting in a dig” kind of way. Not my best moment. Then I was over-the-top unreasonable with my youngest teen. There are rules and there are expectations. Then there are impossible standards to be met. That’s where I was. The thing is, I enjoy my children, as a rule, during the summer. Early in the Texas summer, […]

That time of year

There’s a unique melancholy for the parents of an almost-grown child at back-to-school time. Those ungrateful teens have no sympathy for our desire to help! They want to go get their own clothes and office supplies. No longer do they smile cheesily for the first day of school picture — you’re fortunate to get a forced grin. They may sneak out just to avoid it, if they are driving! They won’t let you walk to class with them anymore to greet their teachers and see their classrooms – how rude! You get the grunt when you ask how school went, […]

Being Heard

Mostly, I want this space to bring a sense of “Really? Me, too!” to my readers. I don’t want to be the woman who has it all figured out and now wants to tell you how it should go. We all bring our own stuff to our lives and, therefore, view life through that lens. This is just a glimpse into where I was before I finally was able to get it all down in words. Maybe you can relate some days. I’m sitting here with this dratted depression I’ve been carrying around for a week, like a beloved but […]